Alva Single Burner Butane Canister Gas Stove (uses CCR100 Gas canister) Retail Box 1 year warranty
Product Overview

The Alva Single Burner Butane Canister Gas Stove is perfect for festivals and outdoor events and is perfect for off-premises catering and cooking demonstrations where electricity is not readily available. Simply unpack the portable burner, insert a butane cartridge, and you’re ready to cook! This butane gas stove is simple and easy to use. The Butane gas cartridges are easy to install in the side compartment for effortless, portable cooking just about anywhere
Campers love this product and use them to cook anywhere you go. Perfect if you don’t have access to electricity. If you have an omelette station this is a must have. Great flame, consistent temperature. Easy to use with butane canisters for portability. Very useful product. Great product for on the go and can be used for anything from catering to camping weekends. It is an extremely affordable product for those starting a business.
•Stock Code CCR101
•Description Alva Single Burner Butane Canister Gas Stove
•Safety locking mechanism
•Variable heat control
•Cast aluminium burner
•Enamelled pot holders
•Convenient carry case
•For use with a EN417 approved 220g Butane canister
•Consumption: 160gr/hr at max
•Dimensions: 335mm x 290mm x 120mm
•Weight: 1.45kg