Casey Lovely Bear Shaped Multifunctional Portable 180ml USB Humidifier Air Purifier Mist Maker with LED light For Home Office and Car-Pink Retail Box No warranty
Product Overview
The Casey Lovely Bear  Shaped Multifunctional Portable 180ml USB Humidifier  is designed to keep your living space humid and preventing colds, flu and congestion. Providing the ideal moisture balance to help you breathe better. This portable unit improves the air quality and moisture content in the immediate vicinity while combating the harsh effects of dry air. Ideal for your home, office, car, or travel to moisturize your skin. This unit is powered by a USB source, such as laptop, power banks, or wall adapter with the included USB cable.
• Lovely Bear Shaped -Catching And Fashionable Humidifier
• Multifunctional Portable 180ml water capacity USB Humidifier with LED light
• Air Purifier Mist Maker
• Powered by a USB source, such as laptop, power banks, or wall adapter
• USB Cable included
• Compact and lightweight, this humidifier offers portability that is perfect for travel use.
• Add several drops of natural essential oils into the water to produce aroma

• Lovely Bear  Shaped -This is the smallest mist humidifier ever! it’s super light, very easy to carry.
• USB Cable Connection-This humidifier can work with any USB device, like computer, power bank, or even in your car.
• Helpful To Your Health-This humidifier provides relief for cough and cold, nasal congestion, and dry itchy skin.
• Health Lifestyle-Enjoy a fresh scent throughout your house office, car.
• Perfect Gift -It’s an ideal combination of form and function and makes a great gift for any occasion.

Please Note:
• For the first time use, please immerse the cotton bar into water until fully wet.
• Do not put the whole unit in water or rinse the machine under the tap.
• Do not pour water onto the atomizer port
• Can work for up to 6 hours continuously
• Please continually check water
• High humidity in the air around the humidifier might lead to accumulated water on the surface of surrounding areas.
• Please clean the filter regularly to produce good mist

• Stock code 6970749640192-Pink
• Description Casey Lovely Bear  Shaped  Multifunctional Portable 180ml USB Humidifier Air Purifier
• Product type Air Purifier Mist Maker with LED light
• Water Capacity 460ml
• Power Source Powered by a USB Port Spray amount: 10-20ml/hour
• Included 1m USB Cable
• Colour Pink