Noble Quick Epoxy Two Part Adhesive Glue – Super Strong Epoxy Adhesive For Household Workshop, Industrial Repairs on Plastic, Rubber, Ceramic, Wood, Glass, Metal, Concrete , Retail Packaging, 3 Months Warranty

Product Overview
• Metal filled for superior tensile shear strength.
• Suitable for automobile and other industrial repair works.
• Fast curing time for small bonding area.
• Makes superior bond strength
• Non-shrinking, waterproof and resistant to most chemical
• Suitable for households and industries


• Stock Code QA17209H
• Description Noble Quick Epoxy Two Part Adhesive Glue
• Appearance: Non-Transparent Paste
• Tensile Shear Strength (kgf/cm2): Excellent
• Working Time: Below 3 Min
• Curing Time: Below 5 Min
• Colour of Finishing: Grey
• Can be used on: Plastic, Rubber, Ceramics, Wood, Glass, Metal, Concrete
• 10g total weight combined