Philips Extreme Power 2 x AAA Size / LR03 Ultra Alkaline batteries , 1.5V, Shelf Life up to 5 Years – 2 Pack, Retail Box , No Warranty

Product Overview
Philips Extreme Power AAA / LR03 Ultra Alkaline Battery-Ultra high power for ultra-high-drain devices-When you simply have to have the best, insist on Ultra Alkaline batteries. They give you 30% more power than ordinary alkaline batteries and are perfect for your high-energy consuming devices.

•Alkaline batteries are 6 x better than average Zinc Carbon
•Complete range which means a battery for every need
•The battery remains fresh for use for up to 5 years
•Colours make recognition of battery sizes easier
•Easy-to-understand language-free user instructions
•Philips Alkaline batteries contain 0% Cadmium, Mercury, Lead
•Ideal for use with any battery operated equipment requiring size AAA / LR03 batteries

• Digital cameras
• MP3 Player 
• Photoflash
• Air Con Remotes,
• LCD/ LED TV Remotes
• Wireless Optical Mice

•Stock Code – LR03E2B-10
•Description – Philips Ultra Alkaline Battery 2 per pack 
•Battery type: AAA / LR03 Ultra Alkaline
•Form factor: Cylindrical
•Battery voltage: 1.5 V
•Packaging type: Retail Pack 2 pieces per pack 
•Shelf Life: up to 5 Years

Green Specifications
•Chemical composition: Ultra Alkaline
•Heavy metals: Cd free – Hg free

Interchangeable with
LR03, AAA, LR3, AM4M8A, AM4, S, MN2400, 824, E92, LR03N, 24A, K3A, R3, R03, 7526, UM4, Micro, V2500PX