Securnix CCTV Video Anti-jamming Device by Coaxial Cable -Active Video Balun

Anti-jamming Active Video Balun , Anti-jamming Device AE100

Product Overview
The Securnix CCTV Video Anti-jamming Device by Coaxial Cable -Active Video Balun applies to elevators, hospitals, an intersections, factories etc., avoiding any interference to the process of monitoring the image from any kind of furious electromagnetic signal and electric waves signal.
When you using this kind of product, you can restrain the interference effectively and you can solve the problems about the jiggle, the swirl, the ripple with the images. It is used to ensure the stability of the signals’ transmitting quality in bad environment, and to increase the distance of the images transmitting.

• Transmitter running voltage is rated at DC12 V, receiver don’t need working power, it will work normally if right connect the wire

• Video receiving end of the four stalls brightness adjustment switch is used to adjust image brightness, contrast and definition, adjusting style contain 4×4=16 kinds of combinations

• This product factory brightness adjustment parameters of a switch in the No. 2 stall position; you also can enjoy the scene actual situation of self-correction)

• Transmitter  Power in-DC12V ±10%
• Transmitter  Power out-DC12V ±10% 0.5A
• Signal standards-NTSC/PAL/CCIR
• Images in-75 ohms  1.0V p-p
• Images out-75 ohms  1.0V p-p
• Images bandwidth-10MHz
• Working environment–10℃ to +45℃
• Storage Temperature–30℃ to +70℃
• Consuming power-<10W
• External dimension-64*25*104mm
• Weight-280g/set
Application Diagram: